Quickbooks Error Codes and its fixes

These error codes and also the data provided below provides you to a small degree of insight concerning the error codes you will encounter whereas operating with Quickbooks. This can be not a whole list of issues, it's simply an area to begin and is provided to assist you diagnose your Quickbooks downside.

Anytime you receive a mistake in Quickbooks there is a possibility it is related to corruption within the main database file. In most cases this can be the *insert company name*.QBW file.

However, it's doable that this file may even have the .QBB, .QBA or .QBM extension. counting on what version of Quickbooks you're victimization.

Below could be a list of common error codes you may expect to ascertain as a result of damage in a database or Quickbooks environment.

Common Quickbooks Upgrading Errors:

  • Error -6000, -82:  An error occurred once making an attempt to open the file, or an error occurred once Quickbooks tried to access the company file.
  • Error -6032, -158: An error occurred once Quickbooks tried to access the company file.

The new versions of Quickbooks use a different database structure and most of the recent error codes aren't used as often.

Error Codes - C =
  1. C=1: For example, M=1028, L=1743, C=1,V=0 [0], in Quickbooks V5.0/R4, after a backup and  restore to a new system. This may involve non-standard video settings.
  2. C=3: According to one report, this suggests the program is unable to open a Quicken file on a Mac. This issue comes only on Mac.Free up Hard disk space. Reopen and close the file using Quicken for the Mac. Then try again. However, a second source says this relates to QB having a full or nearly full hard drive.
  3. C=9: Unable to read from an auxiliary file at the OS file system level.  Copy the data file to another disk or drive. Possible damaged disk.
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